80 Elegant Kitchen Design Ideas 2021 2022

Innovative Design Ideas for Crafting Your Dream Kitchen
Kitchen Ideas

Elegant Kitchen Design Ideas 

Make the interior that is your residence shine through elegant colors, timeless finishes and clever layouts.

The kitchen is among the essential rooms in your house. It's the place where you make meals and eat with your family and entertain guests, so sacrificing the design of your kitchen isn't an alternative. If you're living in a tiny apartment with a limited amount of storage space or living in a spacious space equipped with a huge granite island, large cabinets, and modern appliances, there are many inventive design ideas that will allow you to enjoy the kitchen even more.

Two distinct style approaches that you can choose from in the process of revamping your kitchen. It is possible to transform your cooking area with simple, practical modifications that won't break the budget. Think about hanging up new lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware, upgrading or even incorporating a beautiful artwork to display your taste. However, you may be ready to tackle an extensive kitchen remodeling and involves everything from installing new countertops flooring to selecting the perfect stunning backsplash. It is recommended to take the time to choose the most suitable option with your current budget and lifestyle.

If you're looking for ideas for your decor, check out our roundup of the editors' most-loved kitchen ideas. There are more than enough suggestions and tips from experts to satisfy every kind of interior design enthusiast. There are vibrant design concepts with vibrant paint colors that the most ardent of minimalists will love and minimalist layouts that are timeless. The design options are limitless. All you need to do is begin designing that dream kitchen.

1. Go Green

Go Green Kitchen Idea
Credit: goodhousekeeping.com
The kitchen is a great place to play with bold colors. Then, mix it up by using texture and different shades. "Our eye adapts to the hue and everything is comfortable," says interior designer Jean Stoffer of her West Michigan kitchen. "The extensive green color is a statement in design that I am hoping to live with grace."

2. ...or choose to keep it simple white

keep the kitchen simple white
Keep the kitchen simple white
A neutral kitchen doesn't need to be boring. Learn from the house that belongs to Shelby Girard, Havenly's Director of Creative & Design, and weave natural stone in like quartzite or marble, with accents of brass, wood and textured accessories such as carpets or window treatments. "I love to add decorative elements that help make the kitchen appear more than utilitarian and more like a living space. It has a classic-meets-California-cool style," says Girard.

3. Mix old and modern decoration

Mix old and modern kitchen decoration
Mix old and modern
The weathered wood under the sink in the farmhouse is constructed from a different item of furniture. "I had a friend help me cut my old table and transform it into a cabinet's the front," the designer Leanne Ford said. "This beautiful repurposed piece has brought the right amount of warmth for the dining room."

4. Choose low-maintenance tile

Choose low-maintenance tile
Utilizing durable, cost-effective materials whenever possible is a logical choice when it comes to the interior of interior designers Mary Patton: "For this Houston kitchen, we chose an easy-to-use porcelain tile that is reminiscent of marble. It's low-cost and cleans quickly."

5. Create a bold impression with your cabinets

Create a bold impression with your cabinets
If you're looking to think out of the box, you can have fun playing with the colors of your cabinets. "Modern luxurious, chic and even boho-inspired designs are a great way to add a splash or two of color," states Shelby Girard as the vice president of Creative & Design at Havenly. "But look for timeless instead of fashionable, with blues, blacks, and greens as tried-and-true colors for a vivacious impact."

6. Hang adjustable pendants

Hang adjustable pendants
These quirky wicker pendants sit nicely over the small wood islands in the kitchen area of Shelby Girard, Havenly's Director of Creative & Design. "They can be placed in various ways or extend straight down," says Heather Goerzen of Havenly's Creative & Design team. "I enjoy the unique twist in these poles."

7. Create a breakfast nook

Create a breakfast nook
Even in a tiny kitchen or dining area, a place to gather close to a window can create an inviting indoor-outdoor vibe. "The position of the corner of the banquettes provides an inside view, towards the home's soul and outwards towards the river and the kids playing in the backyard," says designer Alan Tanksley.

8. Try high-gloss accents

Try high-gloss accents
Benjamin Moore's Almost Black, featured at the top of the counter and is a perfect match to the backsplash tiles and creates an eye-catching focal point in the kitchen's spacious. "The high-gloss finish of the title gives it depth and radiance, and it contrasts nicely with the lower sheen of the ceiling and walls to create a dimension of contrast," states Andrea Magno, the brand's director of color marketing and development.

9. Consider a multi-textured backsplash

multi-textured backsplash kitchen idea
The design of space around neutral colors requires some texture. So this kitchen design by Beth Diana Smith includes more than white cabinets. "A tile backsplash was created and was then framed by a window. The front of the waterfall peninsula was blacked out, and adding gorgeous walnut counter stools gave it more form and texture," Smith says.

10. Let large appliances shine

Let large appliances shine
"The retro-styled Smeg refrigerator gives an ambiance of nostalgia with the vintage Blue Willow dishware and the original shiplap walls," says designer Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors. "I find it fascinating how just placing the overflow of dishware on top of the fridge can make the fridge appear like the home of the family."

11. Designate cubbies for decor

Designate cubbies for kitche decor ideas

The cabinets do not have to be functional. Above the cabinet, the designer Allison Caccoma reserved an area above for decorative vessels, flowers and other items of interest. "Kitchens are brimming with millwork and cabinetry. Therefore a little bit of ornamentation adds a touch of elegance to the room," she says.

12. Display ceramics

Showcase ceramics kitchen ideas
The space was designed made by Kitchen Design Group's Caren Rideau. The cabinets showcase the ceramics collection the homeowner has. They match tiles from Portugal and are set into the backsplash of marble.

13. Mix and match wood shades

Mix and match wood shades kitche ideas
The inviting Charlotte, NC, kitchen has a ceiling of cypress wood. "My clients are a young modern family, were looking for an area that felt like a living room," says designer Gray Walker. "The island that has the Louis XVI leg makes it look more like an antique. The corner banquette features a sleek modern, contemporary chair and back with French leg."

14. Banquette Seating

Banquette Seating kitchen ideas
The most renowned designers rely on banquette seating to create a comfortable kitchen. Increase the visual appeal of your kitchen by adding a selection of pillows and tall shelves that can be used to display your collection.

15. Pops of Blue

Pops of Blue kitchen ideas
From the blue-watery backsplash to teal floating shelves to teal rug many things to admire about the designer Erika Ward's vibrant kitchen.

16. Cozy Nook

Cozy Nook kitchen ideas
Built-in seating is an excellent solution to make the most of your kitchen's corner. Throw pillows with patterns as the final ascent.

17. Bold Seating

Bold Seating Kitchen Ideas
Make your space look more modern by adding chairs (or stools!) in vibrant colors. Then, you can pair them with your favorite kitchen accessories like this one.

18. Charming Wood Details

Charming Wood Details kitchen ideas
To give a rustic feel, give a modern look to a white kitchen with wood accents that come in various shades. Add a few brass elements, such as a pair of pendants, to finish the look.

19. Chalkboard Panel

Chalkboard Panel kitchen ideas
Give your space a unique look and delight your children by adding a chalkboard on the back of the fridge. It's the perfect place to record your weekly shopping list.

20. Wall Display

Kitchen Ideas Wall Display
The open shelves give you the chance to showcase your fashion talents. You can fill them with all the things you like to organize and cook meals. Think glass canisters, white platters, white containers, and much many more.

21. Timeless Neutrals

Kitchen Ideas Timeless Neutrals
"Add warmth to your kitchen by using a paint color that is versatile such as Benjamin Moore's Sag Harbor Gray, which can take on its own hue when the light levels change in your house during the day," states the interior design expert Kevin Dumais.

22. Oversized Lighting

Kitchen Ideas Oversized Lighting
Every room requires a statement piece that can take you to the next level and an oversized pendant is an ideal option.

23. Well-organized Shelving

Well-Organized Shelving kitchen ideas
Whether you're collecting white porcelain mugs, or white and blue patterned serving dishes, placing them in a prominent place can bring a sense of style to your kitchen.

24. Pattern Pile-On

Pattern Pile-On kitchen ideas
As you would in a warm bedroom, put up prints according to your desires and begin with an accent wall with one design and an attractive rug with a different.

25. Stash and Hide

Stash and Hide
Because there is never enough storage and bulky appliances, store them in a cabinet like mixers that slide behind doors that slide open. For a more efficient solution, use traditional baskets for storage and conceal seasonal things like holiday cookies cutters, sprinkles, or other items.

26. Stacked Shelving

Stacked Shelving Kitchen
Replace the upper cabinets with floating ones that make a kitchen appear larger and brighter—the Beautiful Mess A Beautiful Mess blog co-founder Elsie Larson stores less-used items at the top.

27. Moody Hues

Moody Hues Kitchen

Black can add a touch of chic style to any kitchen. If you want a less stark, however equally stylish option, look into "almost black" hues that are warm and warm, such as deep blues and soft maroons.

28. Juxtapose Materials

Juxtapose Materials Kitchen Ideas
Integrate a variety from natural stones, various colors of wood, and glossy and matte surfaces to create an individual look that isn't too matching.

29. Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches kitchen ideas
Learn from the designers from Studio McGee in upgrading your kitchen hardware or displaying items that are hidden in cabinets to refresh your kitchen's design in just a few hours.

30. Colorful Lighting

Kitchen Decoration Ideas
Think of pendants as jewels for your kitchen. The best ones can bring the room together or be prominent enough to draw attention. In this instance, Massucco Warner Miller makes use of a surprising splash with yellow, which draws attention upwards.

31. Schoolhouse Charm

Schoolhouse Charm Kitchen Ideas
For a bright and cheerful atmosphere, begin with the two C's: color and chalkboard! Barstools in primary colors with a notepad to keep notes on make the simple white kitchen appear enjoyable.

32. Eye-Catching Tile

Eye-Catching Tile kitchen
Have the time of your life! A fun pattern can add a significant "wow" effect to a backsplash or floor.

33. Painted floors

Painted Floors Kitchen Ideas
Out of all of the kitchen painting styles that we have seen, this is our top pick. So grab some painter's tape plus some pretty colors and say goodbye to boring floors forever!

34. Upper Storage

Upper Storage Kitchen Ideas
The floating shelves are popular and a hit, but Uma Stewart discusses the benefits of mixing open shelves with traditional cabinets. Also, consider placing shelves near windows in the kitchen to let more light let in.

35. Moveable Addition

Moveable Addition Kitchen Ideas
Do you want a larger kitchen without the need to remodel? The designer Jenn Feldman amplified her family's island in one fell swoop by setting a dining table just right next to it. Genius!

36. Ceilings painted Ceiling

Painted Ceiling Kitchen Ideas
Paint is the fastest and most effective method to transform your kitchen completely. You can take it to the next step by covering the ceiling. Be sure to save some white walls to create an even balance in color.

37. Tiled Wall

Tiled Wall Kitchen Ideas
Tiled Wall Kitchen Ideas
You can extend off your tile backsplash all up to the ceiling for a sleek and sleek look.

38. Classic Aesthetic

Classic Aesthetic Kitchen Ideas
When in doubt, Traci Zeller opts for the classics, like bistro chairs and subway tile, that always stands the test of time. The pretty hydrangeas that are on the counter won't hurt also!

39. Double-Duty Table

Double-Duty Table Kitchen Ideas
Make a rustic table serve as a cozy place to prepare big family dinners during summer.

40. Durable Countertops

Durable Countertops Kitchen Ideas
A Napa Valley farmhouse is built on scratch-resistant Caesarstone (a Good Housekeeping Seal-holder!) to make cleaning easier. In addition, a striped rug adds comfort underfoot.

41. Island Storage

Island Storage Kitchen Ideas
Put away platters, dishes, and other items that are not used frequently beneath the kitchen island. Cabinets hidden located on each side can double as storage for pans and pots.

42. Instant Dinner Table

Instant Dinner Table Kitchen Ideas
Do you want to have an eat-in kitchen? Expand the countertop to the top of the block island, and you'll have an informal dining space. The chic shades allow you to filter into just the right amount of light.

43. Multitasking Pot Rack

Hang up your pots in the kitchen
Make your cookware made of copper shine by installing racks and strong metal hooks. It makes a great kitchen center point instead of the wall and can free up valuable cabinet space.

44. Shades of Gray

Gray Kitchen kabinets
A cheerful collection of dishware will give this light grey and blue kitchen some more personality.

45. Eclectic Inspiring

White and pink kitchen
This kitchen's fun mix hues and cool décor (look at that sloping counter!) are a bit quirky but elegant look.

46. Cushy Bench

Cushy Bench Kitchen
A comfy booth can beat out chairs any day. Create a cozy nook at the center of your room by putting up a comfortable high-height island bench. Sunday brunch just got so much better.

47. Geode Pulls

Geode Pulls Kitchen
Boring hardware isn't going to work. Instead, pick unusual knobs like those sparkling quartz knobs to add a touch of glamour available to you.

48. Rugs to match

Matching Rugs kitchen
The area around the island by adding cozy carpets that are gentle on your feet and easy on the eyes. A couple of jute carpets tie this kitchen to all the elements of your New Jersey home.

49. Absolutely Turquoise

Turquoise kitchen cabinets
Don't be afraid when you're looking to use vibrant colors in your kitchen. Choose one color and stick with it.

50. Coffee Bar

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas
It's impossible to have to worry about the barista when you have a designated place at home to make your morning coffee.

51. Open Spaces

Showcasing vintage Pyrex dishes and cookbooks
Displaying the vintage Pyrex dishes as well as cookbooks displayed on open shelves create a more welcoming kitchen.

52. Natural Elements

Natural Elements kitchen
The wood island and the woven baskets provide just the right amount of the outdoors in this peaceful area.

53. Bright Tiles

patterned kitchen floor tile ideas
A boldly-patterned floor can add the perfect amount of pizazz to the traditional galley kitchen.

54. Best of Both Worlds

metal kitchen island cart ideas
Who said wood and stainless steel couldn't be friends? This open kitchen shows they are great friends.

55. Cool Neutrals

Custom cabinetry kitchen
Custom-designed cabinets are easier to access than you imagine. This elegant room uses IKEA cabinetry with two shades that seamlessly blend with the floors and walls.

56. Multitasking Table

Multitasking Kitchen Table

Use your small space to be used as an eating and kitchen room. Put stools on the island that is big enough to accommodate cooking and dining celebrations. The owners of this tiny Brooklyn home added iron legs to a slab butcher block to create a versatile surface.

57. Bar Seating

colorful kitchen stools ideas
Take the party outside of the living area and in the dining room. Chic and comfortable old-fashioned stools make an inviting space to hang out in the comfort of a Florida house.

58. Cohesive Finishes

frniture, room, white kitchen, cabinetry, interior design kitchen
Bring your style choices to the adjacent areas. In the case of a family-friendly bungalow, the brass drawer pulls reflect the pendant light in the breakfast nook and bring everything together.

59. DIY Fixture

DIY Kitchen Fixture
Create your custom-designed accessory for only $15 worth of plumbing equipment. The Connecticut house's handmade pot rack appears impressively professional, despite its low cost.

60. Gallery Wall

Kitchen with gallery wall
Affixing your most loved art (and a staghorn and a fern!) to the wall on the opposite side can give even a kitchen without windows the ideal view.

61. Tiered Shelving

Tiered Shelving
If you want to make a quick and easy decor upgrade, make sure you install shelves with brackets in the previous space. They're lighter than cabinets, but they'll give you extra storage for all your glassware.

62. Tall Table

cabinet painting ideas
With ample cabinet space, A country kitchen features tables that are rustic instead of the traditional island. Once the cooking is finished, you can sit down on a stool for an informal lunch break.

63. Entertaining Zone

Entertaining Zone kitchen
Maximize the space on your counter by installing a built-in buffet on a wall that isn't. Serve it as a dining area as well as a storage area by putting in small upper cabinets to create an entertainment console.

64. Tried-and-true decor

Farmhouse sink
Avoid fads that are short-lived and choose timeless finishes and accents. The shiplap walls in this room echo the other elements of the beach house's design, while the dark counters conceal the possibility of wear and wear and.

65. Clever Pass-Through

Clever Pass-Through
A family-friendly home has found the answer to cooking while keeping an eye on the children. The glass window dividing the dining and living room separates the spaces but maintains the open atmosphere.

66. Bright Lighting

Camilla kitchen ideas
The sunnier décor, just this way. The blogger Camille Styles' airy home, the crystal clear glass pendants above the kitchen island allow light flow.

67. Cabinets with Two-Tone

Emily kitchen
HGTV's star Emily Henderson chose the perfect color scheme for Emily Henderson's California kitchen. The ocean blue color is an ideal match for the cabinets on the bottom, while the white cabinets on the top create a higher ceiling.

68. Small Grasps

Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Kitchen Decorating Ideas
The addition of brass accents and the non-traditional pendant lighting gives the beautiful kitchen an added dose of luxury design.

69. Little Things

Little Things
Colorful splashes throughout the kitchen create a sense of vibrancy without being over the top. This spacious, soft kitchen is brimming with unexpected elements, and the designer's keen sense of editing ensures that the room is engaging but not overwhelming.

70. Pops of Pastel

lamps above wooden countertop with plants in bright kitchen ideas
The pink accents make this kitchen a perfect vintage feel.

71. Hidden Color

You can surprise guests (and bring a smile to your face!) by painting the interior of your cabinets in a happy color.

72. Breakfast Nook

Green kitchen nook ideas
If you have room, creating a jolly place where your family can sit down to talk or eat and then be together is always a good thing.

73. Blue Paradise

Blue Paradise kitchen
Open shelving is an issue; however, bursts of bright blue make a bolder statement. They also play against the white countertop cabinets, shelves, and appliances.

74. Bright Lighting

Bright Lighting
Bright blue pendant lights and exposed brick create the mood for a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside this modern kitchen.

75. Sunny Spot

Modern Kitchen decorating ideas
A pink chandelier and yellow flower boxes transform an all-white kitchen from boring to stunning.

76. Mix Different Design Styles

Mix Different Design Styles kitchen

Designer and decorator Jessie Yoon of Casa Nolita brought together an updated farmhouse look with contemporary accents to create a stunning kitchen that feels timeless and in style.

"I enjoy the color palette of the contemporary country kitchen," Yoon says. "The sage color of the cabinets is particularly warm and relaxing. A white waterfall counter adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen's appearance more modern. There are various design elements incorporated into the kitchen space, but it is complete and unifying."

77. Go for Timelessness

Go for Timelessness
The cost of renovating a kitchen can be quite expensive Take note of Decorist design, Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deyon Design, and choose a timeless style that you will not tire of in a hurry.

"White kitchens must the potential to become more than an entirely white kitchen to stand out crowd of white spaces," Floyd explains. "This one is distinctive due to the warmth of the wood-tiled floors and the natural softness of the delicate yet elegant backsplash that extends through the ceiling. It also has the lively movement that is created by the quartz countertops as well as the life and texture that is brought to the room by the accessories that are placed on open shelves."

78. Be Smart About Materials

Be Smart About Materials
Each person uses their kitchen in a different way So, make sure you think about the materials that fit your needs...

"For instance families with children or frequent users of the kitchen are advised to choose durable high-quality, long-lasting and low-maintenance products," Moore says. "If you cook frequently on the stove pick a backsplash that is easily cleaned. If you're creating your own kitchen, you can design your cabinet layout according to the way you use your kitchen."

79. Think About the Layout

Think About the Layout
While you may consider flow during your vinyasa yoga class, it's equally important in the design of a kitchen.

"You need to ensure a smooth circulation between your refrigerator as well as the cooktop or range and the sink. These are, in essence, the most used items in the kitchen." Michelle Lisac, the creator and chief designer Michelle Lisac Interior Design Michelle Lisac Interior Design informs MyDomaine. "It's essential to consider not only your needs, as well as demands. For instance, you'll need sturdy finishes and durable appliances, however, you might prefer a beautiful, hand-made tile backsplash and custom vented hood."

80. Do Your Research

Do Your Kitchen Research
The most effective way to be confident making decisions regarding backsplashes and appliances is to learn about them.

"Curb regrets and thoughts by becoming familiar with all of the beautiful products as well as fixtures and hardware available," Murray recommends. "Visit Stone yards and showrooms, spending time learning about the myriad of options available because every decision you make impacts the entire area. I have found that customers are often shocked by alternatives that aren't standard as it is difficult to come up with the ideal design that you aren't sure of the options are. This is an excellent reason to work with the experts!"

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